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Only the best music classes, and the only online class site paying teachers 95%.

Why Punkademic?

Punkademic Courses started with educators who were teaching music production at universities in the U.S. These teachers became disheartened with the cost of their classes through the university, and wanted to find a way to make them more affordable and accessible to everyone. These teachers became academic ex-patriots. The punks of the academic world. The Punkademics. 

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Ableton Certified Training

Our Ableton Live classes are all taught by Ableton Certified Trainers. Hundreds of Thousands (literally) of students have learned Ableton from us.

Music Production Classes

Over 100 classes in music production including FL Studio, Pro Tools, Drum Programming Techniques, Recording, and More.

Music Theory Classes

Our Music Theory instructors literally wrote the book on music theory for a variety of different people. If you've tried to learn theory before, try again with us. 

Individual Courses

Most courses can be purchased individually. Some courses are only available in subscriptions.

NEW: The "EP in a Month Challenge"

This course is designed for people looking for a real challenge. It will be a month packed with accountability, camaraderie, and creativity. And at the end, you will have a completed (and Mastered) EP.  This is a LIVE CLASS (on Zoom). 

Save Money with a Membership!

Theory Nerd Pass

For those looking to dive deep into music theory with hundreds of hours of classes, assignments, worksheets, and projects.
Includes 5-Day Free Trial, and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  •  37 Courses
  •  24 Hour response time to all questions from the instructors
  •  43 Worksheets
  •  40 Analysis Projects
  •  Listening Lists
  •  30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Everything the producer needs to start making amazing tracks. DAWs, Sound Design, Mixing, and more. Every tool you need is included here. 
Includes 5-Day Free Trial, and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  •  Includes 64 Classes
  •  24 Hour response time to all questions from the instructors
  •  Full Sessions and Projects
  •  The Sound Design Recipe Books
  •  Ableton Certified Trainer Instructors
  •  New Courses Added Monthly (no additional charge)
  •  Money Back Guarantee 


All of our top-rated classes, including a huge library of Music Production, Music theory, Sound Design, Mixing, Music Business, and more. 
Includes 5-Day Free Trial, and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Includes Everything from The Producer Pass & Theory Nerd Pass, Plus:

  •  95 Classes (New Classes added Monthly at No additional charge)
  •  24 Hour Response time from the instructors to all questions.
  •  Over 1000 Hours of Video Content
  •  Access to Private Student Communities on Discord and FB
  •  Access to all e-Degree courses at No additional charge
  •  Access to Project Feedback Sessions (additional charges may apply)

The only online education platform focused on paying the teacher.

When you buy a class from, the teacher of that class gets 95% of the purchase price.
That is far and away the highest percentage paid on any education platform. (Most platforms pay their teachers around 40%, but the "big ones" are as low as 7%.

How do we do it? Punkademic is owned by the instructors. There is no CEO, CFO, or CTO that needs
to get their cut. We put about 5% towards processing credit cards and maintaining this website, but the rest
goes to the teacher. As it should.

If you find any of our courses on another site for a cheaper price, we will match it. 
That way you have the peace of mind of knowing that you got the best deal, and the teacher makes the
maximum possible for their work. 
Just send us an email with a screenshot.

We accept crypto currency.

What our learners say about us

This is exactly what I needed. I managed to make my tracks sound professional instantly! I still have a long way to go but this was definitely a huge milestone in my mixing career...
- Ezron Maseko
These classes are clear, relatable, applicable, and meaningful in a way that music theory has never before been. It's exactly what I was hoping for.
- Roger Sanchez
These courses are the most professional courses you will find on the internet and will give you a push to the moon in your production.
- Frédéric Bourdeau
Best courses I've found online so far. It's necessary not just for electronic music producers but for everyone who wants to understand and make music. 
- EIvan Balinov
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