Why Punkademic?

We started Punkademic Courses as music professional educators who were teaching music production
classes at various universities in the United States.

We became disheartened with the cost of our classes, the debt that students were accruing,
and the treatment of students by universities as "products".

We wanted to find a way to make our classes more accessible and affordable to everyone.

Most of us have left the academic colleges and universities in favor of teaching here.
We have become the academic ex-patriots. The punks of the academic world.

The punkademics.

I've seen your classes on other sites. Why? 

When someone makes an online class, they will typically publish it on a bunch of different websites. 
Each of those sites pays the creator of that class between 5% to 40% of the purchase price. 

The creators here post their classes on other sites, but because we pay 95%, we can offer their courses at the lowest price, and they still make more than they do on other sites. 

That's why we are the preferred vendor for all of our instructors. Buy from us, and pay the teacher. 
It's that simple.

The only online education platform focused on paying the teacher.

When you buy a class from Punkademic.com, the teacher of that class gets 95% of the purchase price.
That is far and away the highest percentage paid on any education platform. (Most platforms pay their teachers around 40%, but the "big ones" are as low as 7%.

How do we do it? Punkademic is owned by the instructors. There is no CEO, CFO, or CTO that needs
to get their cut. We put about 5% towards processing credit cards and maintaining this website, but the rest
goes to the teacher. As it should.

If you find any of our courses on another site for a cheaper price, we will match it. 
That way you have the piece of mind of knowing that you got the best deal, and the teacher makes the
maximum possible for their work. 
Just send us an email with a screenshot.

We accept crypto currency.