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Making Band Websites: Promoting and Selling Your Music

Turn your music into sales with a dynamic website.
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What you are going to learn

With no experience necessary, create websites for your band, album, or show and make money selling your goods!

In 2009 I created this class, "Web Design for Artists" as a class I teacher in-person around my area. The class has been very successful, and I'm really excited to bring it to an online platform. My goal with this class is simple: I want all musicians to have a website, be able to manage their website, and to never, ever, have to pay someone to do it for them.  
As a musician, I learned how to create websites out of pure necessity. I am not a professional programmer - I learned through trial and error and studying on my own what works and what doesn't work. I've now written hundreds of websites for artists, musicians, bands, galleries, and other organizations. 

This is a hands-on class: I am going to make a website for myself during this class, and walk you through every step. Nearly every video is a "walk through" on how to do something. And because I'm not a technical web designer, we won't get bogged down with any abstract terminology - only what we need. Let's dive in!  

Dr. J. Anthony Allen

Music PhD, Producer, Composer, Instructor, Professor, Author, & Ableton Certified Trainer. 
Dr. Allen is a professional musician, top-rated online instructor, and university professor. In 2017 the Star Tribune featured him as a "Mover and a Shaker," and he is recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his music education classes. He currently teaches at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN, Slam Academy, and Punkademic Courses.

Course reviews

Excellent course. I have created my website and will be ready to publish/launch it soon. I have learned so many new things and I found this course to be extremely creative. This course really encouraged me to dig deeper and beyond. 
- Wayne Liesching
Excellent course for Artists and Musicians who don't want to code or hire it out. I have been studying Web Design to make better sites for myself. I cant say enough about this class.
- Brian Baker