EP in a Month Challenge: A Punkademic LIVE Course

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This course is designed for people looking for a real challenge. It will be a month packed with accountability, camaraderie, and creativity. And at the end, you will have a completed (and Mastered) EP. 

What makes this course different?

This course will be made up mostly of live session on Zoom. We will have group classes, one-on-one sessions, project feedback sessions, and special guests. All with the goal of producing 5 finished tracks in a month.

Live Classes

11 "Live" (on Zoom) classes, each one being 2 to 3 hours long. 

Drop In Sessions

22 hours of "Drop In" time where you can ask Jay anything you want, get feedback, and more.

Special Guests

4 session devoted to special guests sharing their best tips for producing the perfect EP

Weekly Private Lessons

All students will get at least one private, one-on-one lesson with Jay every week for the full four weeks.


Sometimes all you need is a good deadline to get things done. You will only have a few days for each track, and I've got some tips to keep you focused.

Track Critique

After each deadline, we are going to play our tracks for each other, and you will help critique your classmate's work.

All Your Tracks Mastered.

Everything you produce in this program will be professionally mastered by Jay. This is included in the price of the course.
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Dates: October 17, 2022 - October 21, 2022

Weekly Schedule

Download the schedule as PDF here.

This class is limited to only 14 people.

Warning: Read this before you register.

This class will be a lot of work. 

You might not finish your EP - I can't promise that you will. But if you stick to the schedule and come to the lectures and class sessions, you will finish the course with an EP. If you can't make it to some of the class sessions, thats ok - they will be recorded for you to review on your own time. 

Mastering: After the class is over, you can (if you want), submit your final tracks to me to be mastered. You must submit your tracks within 2 days of the end of the class, and I will return the mastered versions of the tracks in approximately one week. 

Because this class has a limited number of seats, there will be no refunds after one-week before the class starts.

Please only sign up if you are ready to dive in and work hard. We will have a lot of fun, and you will meet some awesome people. And this will be a life-changing event. But it will be hard work. 

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